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Smile Group
Bubble Party!



Everyone loves bubbles! Come enjoy our bubble party full of magical bubbles and interactive opportunities! Smile group bubble party includes a party room, a bubble show, a photo opportunity where every child gets to stand inside of a giant bubble, a bubble workshop, your choice of balloon twisting or face painting, and free bubble party invitations for your guests! 

“SMILE-GROUP BUBBLE SHOW” is a 40-minute indoor interactive performance that is filled with outstanding fascinating bubble magic that includes Bubbles as big as humans! Our show includes juggling elements, cool music and colourful lighting! The audience experiences a unique variety of bubble tricks of different shapes and sizes, bubbles in bubbles, sphere bubbles, volcano bubbles, bubble tennis, and fire bubbles and for a real celebration, kids get a chance to be inside a Giant Bubble. Perfect for all ages and any occasion!!!

Perfect for

Ages  3 - 10!

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